Full Supported for Anti Piracy Activity

Many thanks for the attention has given by my best friend Robert Douglass who has reminded me not to support any piracy activities on my blog.

In this case, I’ve already non-activated my last postings (Pro Drupal Development and Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals and Community Websites) which contains illegal material. I’m very sorry for the Druids who are eager to learn and comprehend that ebook. My suggestion, please legally buy the ebook to respect the copyright of the writer. You can find the the link at Amazon.com.

For your information, the posting on my blog was not fully copied and pasted, but it was taken and written only the main points. It was an educational material which considered as a difficult and unfamiliar Drupal 6 study oriented.

I apologize for my last act which harmed some of party. For the Druids, keep spirit and let’s develop Drupal in Indonesia.

Accurate Data Provider

The List CompanyAre you a professional? A businessman who are ready to market your products or just spread the proposal to the targeted market? How if you are a consumer who need companies data with telephone number and type of business included for a research? That won't be a big deal. The List Company will be the right answer for all of these questions.

Why you need data? In the world of marketing every business need an actual and accurate data to make profitable relationship. No matter if you are a telecommunication firm, expansion analysis, project developer, printing company, even government also need data for taxed based planning. For banking sector, The List Company provide you mortgage mailing list because they have specialized on it.

Then, why The List Company? It's because you need a data, and they have the most effective resources for all of your direct mail and telemarketing. For over a decade they gather, analyze, and compile their data from many sources such as public records, title companies, DBA filings, yellow pages, etc. If you use their data, you don't have to worry that your target has already moved, resigned from a job, bankrupt, sold the company or any other reason because their data is continuously updated with NCOA software (National Change of Address), CASS (Certification and every Standard Accuracy Process) and cross referencing through data validation methods.

House for Sale in Bekasi

iklan jual rumahDijual rumah bertingkat posisi sudut (hook) sangat strategis bersertifikat. Luas bangunan= 9,5 m x 10 m (2 tingkat). Luas tanah 125 m2. Ada paviliun cocok untuk ruang usaha praktek dokter/ warnet. Harga Rp 500 juta (nego).

Alamat: Jl. Narogong Megah Blok C4 No. 1 Taman Narogong Indah Bekasi Timur.
Hubungi: 0813 820 855 29 (Dendy Hendrias)


oDesk: Headhunter of Technology Service

Good news for you, both of web designer/ programmer and it services seeker. oDesk has the reason of why for this statement. It's because you don't need to work hard to find a job or you don't need to go to the outsource to find a services. oDesk is a great place where a programmer and services seeker meet and deal for a project/job for free. You don't need to pay anything to join oDesk, because it's a kind of head hunter company that build world's best network of technology service.

All you have to do is only create your profile by filling the form provided on the site when you are willing to get a job or when you need someone to hire. Job seeker can browse and read any task description that is required by service seekers who joined oDesk. On the contrary, service seekers may find the qualified job seeker by browsing and analizing their performance page which similiar with CV and job history. No need to worry for a failure because only expert and qualified person able to join oDesk. Payment also received professionaly on time in full.

Personality, I choose Drupal jobs because that's my skill. Not my only skill, but I feel much more confidence because I love it most than any other CMS ever.

Like other job seekers, I also definately watch over Drupal jobs trends page at oDesk, there are some information needed that are contained on it such as: number of Drupal programmers, number of Drupal job posted, number of currently open Drupal jobs, number of certified Drupal programmers, and number of new Drupal jobs per month. For other comparison with yours, there are also duration and variety of Drupal jobs has been finished by other members, like how many weeks you have to build a Drupal web. Top scores of Drupal Test you may find also on it. oDesk is a truly provider who makes you feel like working in your own office!

Find Your Merchandise at PromoPeddler

Modernity caused online marketing in internet getting improved, this activity has proven and well done by promopeddler.com in selling they promotion product & merchandise. As an e-commerce site, PromoPeddler was designed to make visitor choose and buy their products easily with no complicated mechanism.

PromoPeddler provide promotional products with a printed logo and corporate name on it. It’s giving you advantage by giving your partners, colleagues, or clients a corporate gift and promote you or your company at the same time to introduce your company’s identity. PromoPeddler offers you many kind of merchandise such Apparel Accessories, Bags & Cases, Beauty Products, Business Accessories, Calendars & Planners, Corporate Gifts, etc where’s all of those merchandise can be used as a promotional items of your company.

Point as the advantages when you shop through this site:

  • Savety in transaction. You must log in as a member that is completed by SSL security layer.
  • Cheapest prices are offered with competitive discount.
  • Complete catalog with simple navigation. Inside the catalog you may find divided categories into price, color, material, minimum quantity, production time, brand and theme.
  • Provide additional information which explain the detail function and utilities of the product.
  • Support from 500 Fortune Companies and received more than 500 Awards.
  • PromoPeddler commits you that ordered product would be on time finished and delivered.

Guidence to Buy a Gadget

Let's find out the points that must consider before we buy a gadget. Just answer these question below, then let's hunt!

What is the reason? Are those ware really needed, or you expect to look "cool" if you had them/ You have better prepare much more budget for the second one.

Is it necessary to be a trendsetter? Do you wish to be an early adopter?

Must it something new? Do you mind using a re-condition or even a second hand gadget?

Is it necessary for you to have it? Otherwise, rental system could be a great solution of your choice.

Do you mind to have a famous product's imitation? There is an idiom said that "Price will never lie" or in the other words: "What you got is what you've paid".

Anything you'll decide to buy, just stay away from pirate product.

Picture taken form http://www.lemonjuz.com/

Tips: Comfort when Using Laptop

From utilities, we might know that laptop is the most practical gadget that has ever been created. The question is: have you ever feel uncomfort 'til you cannot stand for only 10 minutes working with this machine? Laptop is not designed "ergonomics". When you feel comfort to view the screen, the position of keyboard will be to high to reach by your elbow. On contrary when it's too low, I bet you won't fee so comfort to view the screen and caused so much pain on your neck. So, what we'll gonna do? Let's find some tips:

  1. Make sure your neck doesn't move sooften, moreover your shoulder if necessary, you may take some books to be put under the laptop. This way, the screen not too low in position.
  2. If you use this machine more than two hours, you have better take separated keyboard which you bought separately to be connected to your laptop. It's better for your elbow to take 90 0 position when using laptop.
  3. Also take more comfort separated mouse.
  4. Take your eyes a rest at least once in half an hour. Stand up and take a walk every couple hours.

Fat Jack Hosting: Hosting for Professional

If you are an internet marketer and entrepreneur who need trustworthy hosting with up time reliability and performance which level as high as amazon.com, Fat Jack Hosting would be the right answer. Having its primary data center located in Atlanta - Georgia, St. Louis, Texas, Indianapolis and New York makes Fat Jack Hosting able to provides the highest level of infrastructure redundancies, 24/7 security and managed colocation services.

Physically, Fat Jack Hosting has so many strong points there are: layer security system in entrance data center, CCTV and security guards on site 24/7/365, generated power generator with a static UPS to anticipate voltage failure, full control of air handling, air quality and water detection, phone supported from Monday to Friday start from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. EDT, ticket support and email support 24/7/365, support many languages on contact and ticket form such English, French, German, Italian, Netherland, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Greek and Chinese.

Fat Jack Hosting offer many different kind of product with competitive price such: Linux web hosting 500 Mb - 2 Gb disk space, low price domain only $ 11,97/ year, dedicated server for your company and greatest colocation server for your own data center. All mentioned products above are completed with CPanel with Fantastico facilities, Autoresponse Plus (ARP) and Hacker Safe guaranted by McAfee partners support.

Home Internet Access Solution

One of the reason why internet development in Indonesia move very slow is because public have to expense big amount of money to have its connection. So far there are two kind of connection used as the calculation base, time based and volume based. Each of them has their own strong and weak point.

First Media is the only provider in Indonesia who provides speed based connection through its FastNet service, where the level of speed is chosen by the subscribers. In such this connection there are no limitation but the speed. For the level of speed FastNet service provides some kind of package to the public. The cheaper one is Rp 99.000/ month (exclude cable modem). For this price you have 384 kbps in speed. The other package, 768 kbps for the speed they only charges you Rp 295.000/ month (include cable modem). In this case you may compare this price with dial up system which only has 56 kbps maximum capacity and charge around Rp 6.000 - 9.000/ hour.

Unfortunately, recently FastNet can only cover some of area in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar. The problem is this service based on cable connection not using satellite or telephone cable where the infrastructure has already full supported.

Playing Mac Poker Online

A gambler no need to go to Vegas just to play poker, because in a cyber world we can play poker just as real. We need only an e-mail address and credit card. Any kind of OS on your PC (windows and Mac) are suitable to support this online game which has attractive graphic interface and color. The advantage of Mac Poker player, you don't need to download any software or flash plug in.

Just as real multi-table tourneys there are many rooms on Mac Poker with difference facilities offered in each room. The most interesting room I've chosen is Full Tilt Poker because this room give the largest bonus when we compare with any other rooms. Beside, we can enjoy its interface in 3 dimensional though we have to download Java-run platform. The other room option is Pacific Poker which offer us the powerful competition since it has a very large network. This room doesn't ask you to download anything to play as an other advantage.

If you weren't satisfy enough with Mac Poker Online, you may choose Mac Compatible Casino by accessing Casino Bonus Page. Unfortunately, PayPal is not accepted for fund deposit as money transfer services in this Poker and Casino.

ASUS Eee PC: Mini Notebook with Maximum Quality

Notebook is known as an expensive machine which can be only accessed by some high level of person. What makes this thing sounds expensive was the using of technology. People think how can be all of the component in PC replaced in a smaller package like notebook? Meanwhile, ASUS is already connecting the gap between notebook and PC's by launching it's product named Eee PC.

With 7 inch screen monitor, Eee PC is only as small as a writing pad in size. You might carry this gadget anywhere due to it's 1kg in weight. Eee PC is one or the machine which pioneered the using of SSD (Solid State Disk), a newest data saving technology which doesn't use the moving part. SSD is using the technology which similar with USB drive or memory card.

This gadget is ready to start working in a few second after you started up the computer. Eee PC support many kind of multimedia format and completed with webcam, speaker, microphone and card reader because of long lasting battery (during 3,5 hours for normaly use). There are two versions OS of Eee PC can be choosen: Linux and Windows. For OS Linux, Eee PC carry messenger application, web browser, productivity application, game, media player, etc.

The existency of tendency which say that "the smaller it is, the more you must pay for the notebook" has been broken by ASUS by launching Eee PC.

A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network

Hacking and cracking are activities that generate intense public interest. Stories of hacked
servers and downed Internet providers appear regularly in national news.

Books about Internet security are common (firewall technology seems to dominate the
subject list). In such books, the information is often sparse, confined to a narrow range of
products. Authors typically include full-text reproductions of stale, dated documents that
are readily available on the Net. This poses a problem, mainly because such texts are
impractical. Experienced readers are already aware of these reference sources, and
inexperienced ones are poorly served by them. Hence, consumers know that they might
get little bang for their buck. Because of this trend, Internet security books have sold
poorly at America's neighborhood bookstores.

Ebook Contents:
I Setting the Stage
II Understanding the Terrain
III Tools
IV Platforms and Security
V Beginning at Ground Zero
VI The Remote Attack
VII The Law
VIII Appendixes

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