23 July 2008

oDesk: Headhunter of Technology Service

Good news for you, both of web designer/ programmer and it services seeker. oDesk has the reason of why for this statement. It's because you don't need to work hard to find a job or you don't need to go to the outsource to find a services. oDesk is a great place where a programmer and services seeker meet and deal for a project/job for free. You don't need to pay anything to join oDesk, because it's a kind of head hunter company that build world's best network of technology service.

All you have to do is only create your profile by filling the form provided on the site when you are willing to get a job or when you need someone to hire. Job seeker can browse and read any task description that is required by service seekers who joined oDesk. On the contrary, service seekers may find the qualified job seeker by browsing and analizing their performance page which similiar with CV and job history. No need to worry for a failure because only expert and qualified person able to join oDesk. Payment also received professionaly on time in full.

Personality, I choose Drupal jobs because that's my skill. Not my only skill, but I feel much more confidence because I love it most than any other CMS ever.

Like other job seekers, I also definately watch over Drupal jobs trends page at oDesk, there are some information needed that are contained on it such as: number of Drupal programmers, number of Drupal job posted, number of currently open Drupal jobs, number of certified Drupal programmers, and number of new Drupal jobs per month. For other comparison with yours, there are also duration and variety of Drupal jobs has been finished by other members, like how many weeks you have to build a Drupal web. Top scores of Drupal Test you may find also on it. oDesk is a truly provider who makes you feel like working in your own office!


  1. Oday,

    I am so glad to see that you are leveraging oDesk and the different tools it provides. It's people like you who make the oDesk community so valuable.

    Good luck with your new jobs on oDesk,

    Orie from oDesk

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  3. @ Orie,
    Thank you for supporting Orie, I wish I have a good chance to be a proffessional freelancer on oDesk.com.

    @ Jakarta Links
    Thank you for the information. That's a nice site...