04 July 2008

A Hacker's Guide to Protecting Your Internet Site and Network

Hacking and cracking are activities that generate intense public interest. Stories of hacked
servers and downed Internet providers appear regularly in national news.

Books about Internet security are common (firewall technology seems to dominate the
subject list). In such books, the information is often sparse, confined to a narrow range of
products. Authors typically include full-text reproductions of stale, dated documents that
are readily available on the Net. This poses a problem, mainly because such texts are
impractical. Experienced readers are already aware of these reference sources, and
inexperienced ones are poorly served by them. Hence, consumers know that they might
get little bang for their buck. Because of this trend, Internet security books have sold
poorly at America's neighborhood bookstores.

Ebook Contents:
I Setting the Stage
II Understanding the Terrain
III Tools
IV Platforms and Security
V Beginning at Ground Zero
VI The Remote Attack
VII The Law
VIII Appendixes

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