26 July 2008

Full Supported for Anti Piracy Activity

Many thanks for the attention has given by my best friend Robert Douglass who has reminded me not to support any piracy activities on my blog.

In this case, I’ve already non-activated my last postings (Pro Drupal Development and Drupal: Creating Blogs, Forums, Portals and Community Websites) which contains illegal material. I’m very sorry for the Druids who are eager to learn and comprehend that ebook. My suggestion, please legally buy the ebook to respect the copyright of the writer. You can find the the link at Amazon.com.

For your information, the posting on my blog was not fully copied and pasted, but it was taken and written only the main points. It was an educational material which considered as a difficult and unfamiliar Drupal 6 study oriented.

I apologize for my last act which harmed some of party. For the Druids, keep spirit and let’s develop Drupal in Indonesia.


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