07 July 2008

ASUS Eee PC: Mini Notebook with Maximum Quality

Notebook is known as an expensive machine which can be only accessed by some high level of person. What makes this thing sounds expensive was the using of technology. People think how can be all of the component in PC replaced in a smaller package like notebook? Meanwhile, ASUS is already connecting the gap between notebook and PC's by launching it's product named Eee PC.

With 7 inch screen monitor, Eee PC is only as small as a writing pad in size. You might carry this gadget anywhere due to it's 1kg in weight. Eee PC is one or the machine which pioneered the using of SSD (Solid State Disk), a newest data saving technology which doesn't use the moving part. SSD is using the technology which similar with USB drive or memory card.

This gadget is ready to start working in a few second after you started up the computer. Eee PC support many kind of multimedia format and completed with webcam, speaker, microphone and card reader because of long lasting battery (during 3,5 hours for normaly use). There are two versions OS of Eee PC can be choosen: Linux and Windows. For OS Linux, Eee PC carry messenger application, web browser, productivity application, game, media player, etc.

The existency of tendency which say that "the smaller it is, the more you must pay for the notebook" has been broken by ASUS by launching Eee PC.


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