13 July 2008

Tips: Comfort when Using Laptop

From utilities, we might know that laptop is the most practical gadget that has ever been created. The question is: have you ever feel uncomfort 'til you cannot stand for only 10 minutes working with this machine? Laptop is not designed "ergonomics". When you feel comfort to view the screen, the position of keyboard will be to high to reach by your elbow. On contrary when it's too low, I bet you won't fee so comfort to view the screen and caused so much pain on your neck. So, what we'll gonna do? Let's find some tips:

  1. Make sure your neck doesn't move sooften, moreover your shoulder if necessary, you may take some books to be put under the laptop. This way, the screen not too low in position.
  2. If you use this machine more than two hours, you have better take separated keyboard which you bought separately to be connected to your laptop. It's better for your elbow to take 90 0 position when using laptop.
  3. Also take more comfort separated mouse.
  4. Take your eyes a rest at least once in half an hour. Stand up and take a walk every couple hours.


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