09 July 2008

Home Internet Access Solution

One of the reason why internet development in Indonesia move very slow is because public have to expense big amount of money to have its connection. So far there are two kind of connection used as the calculation base, time based and volume based. Each of them has their own strong and weak point.

First Media is the only provider in Indonesia who provides speed based connection through its FastNet service, where the level of speed is chosen by the subscribers. In such this connection there are no limitation but the speed. For the level of speed FastNet service provides some kind of package to the public. The cheaper one is Rp 99.000/ month (exclude cable modem). For this price you have 384 kbps in speed. The other package, 768 kbps for the speed they only charges you Rp 295.000/ month (include cable modem). In this case you may compare this price with dial up system which only has 56 kbps maximum capacity and charge around Rp 6.000 - 9.000/ hour.

Unfortunately, recently FastNet can only cover some of area in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya and Denpasar. The problem is this service based on cable connection not using satellite or telephone cable where the infrastructure has already full supported.


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