13 September 2008

Information Security Certification Guide

The biggest challenge for technology based industry is to preserve data security. When information security is threatened who’s the person will be looked for? The answer is an IT Security Expert. In order to have that challenge an IT security worker must qualified, experienced, know ledged and have general standard. One of the parameter to measure their qualification is PROFESSIONAL CERTICATES. There are many certifications that issued by industry based certification center for the Information Security field, let’s find out some:

Certification Focus: System Auditor.
Test Material: IS Audit Process, IT Governance, System & Infrastructure, Lifecycle .Management, IT Service Delivery and Support, Protection of Information Assets, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.
Other Qualification: Filled CPE Quota, 5 years experiences of related field.

Certification Focus: Information Security.
Test Material: IS Governance, Information Risk Management, IS Program Development, IS Program Management, and Incident Management & Response.
Other Qualification: Having CISA, CISSA Certificate, or post graduated, 5 years experiences of Information Security.

Certification Focus: Information Security.
Test Material: 10 area Common Body of Knowledge (CBK): Access Control, Application Security, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning, Telecommunication & Network Security, Operations Security, Cryptography, Security Architecture & Designs, Physical (Environmental) Security, Information Security & Risk Management and Legal Regulation, Compliance & Investigations.
Other Qualification: 3 years experiences.

4. CompTIA Security+
Certification Focus: Information Security.
Test Material: Communication Security Concept, General Infrastructure, Cryptography, Operational & Information Security.
Other Qualification: 2 years experiences of computer networking and having CompTIA+ Network.

5. LPT
Certification Focus: Penetration Tester.
Test Material: None Test Certification.
Other Qualification: No criminal record.

6. CIW Security Analyst
Certification Focus: Internet Web Security Analysis.
Test Material: None Test Certification.
Other Qualification: Having one of Network Certificate such: CEH, CCNA, CCNP, CCIE, GSEC, CISSP, JNICA-FWV, LPI, MCSA, MCSE, MCSE Security, Novell Certified Linux Engineer, RedHat Certified Security Specialist, or Symantec Certified Technical Specialist.

7. CEH
Certification Focus: Ethical Hacker.
Test Material: Prometric Test (CEH Exam 312-50) after 5 days course.
Other Qualification: -

Certification Focus: Firewall Analysis.
Test Material: -
Other Qualification: Having GIAC Security Essentials Certification (GSEC).

Certification Focus: Security Analysis.
Test Material: None Test Certification.
Other Qualification: -

10. CHFI
Certification Focus: Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation.
Test Material: None Test Certification.
Other Qualification: -

11. SCNS
Certification Focus: Network Security.
Test Material: Network Defense Fundamentals, Hardening, Routers and ACI, Implementing IPSec and VPN, Advanced TCP/IP, Securing Wireless Network, Designing and Configuring Intrusion Detection, Systems, Designing & Configuring Firewall Systems.
Other Qualification: Having Security+ certificate.

12. SCNP
Certification Focus: Network Security.
Test Material: Analyzing Packet Signatures, Creating Security Policies, Performing Risk Analysis, Ethical Hacking Techniques, Internet & WWW Security, Cryptography, Hardening Linux Computer, and Hardening Windows Server 2003.
Other Qualification: -

13. SCNA
Certification Focus: Architect Network Security.
Test Material: Enterprise Security Implementation and The Solution.
Other Qualification: -

14. GCIA
Certification Focus: -
Test Material: Basic TCP/IP, TCPdump, WINdump, and other network analyzer.
Other Qualification: -

15. GCIH
Certification Focus: Incident Handling.
Test Material: None Test Certification.
Other Qualification: -


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