19 September 2008

How to install printer in your network without connection to PC or Server?


My office has a new branch which connected to the 5 to 10 people capacity unlimited internet who are using notebook for work. I set the LAN using wireless and wired (for back up) from Linksys WRT54G2 router with DHCP enable.

The trouble comes next after printing work, because there is no server or PC to share printer connection and it’s impossible to install the printer separately as a local printer. I’ve asked this problem to the HP technical support and they gave me a solution by recommend an installation of HP JetDirect print server in my network.

JetDirect en1700 PrintserverFor this type of printer which is being used, HP JetDirect en1700 is the most compatible print server. This hardware has a square shape, the same size as Nokia communicator 9100, so it wasn’t that hard to be installed in the network. Just have its connection USB cable from printer to the print server and plug in the power cable to each hardware then plug in the UTP cable from switch to the print server. The power and activity indicator lamp in print server will blink on. After this lamp indicate an active signal, just have a print test by push the Test button that is located behind the print server. Printer will print out the HP JetDirect configuration page that has been installed.

If you have already had a correct configuration network, right after the driver of HP Print Server on each notebook is installed, printer can be used by the entire user at the time.


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