03 November 2008

My Favorite Football's Web TV

Part of The Game
That was one of the worst day ever for me. At the first time, I wondered why my waker alarm didn't rang. I missed the football game between Liverpool and Manchester United. The time difference makes us in Indonesia have to wake us late at night or early in the morning to watch the live game that broadcasted in Europe.

The next afternoon I came home from work earlier. But what can I say the re-broadcast game was missed also because of electricity failure that makes my TV set broken. I was frustation all the day.

I found another better way of watching my favorite football game. The answer of my frustation is Carlsberg web-tv on internet. I prefer Partofthegame.tv to the others because it's not the same as other Internet TV, this web TV collect all special moment of football game. Recently they launched 5 channels showing all aspects about football from classic matches to life as a fan. I can watch anything in anytime. There's no limitation. I don't even have to download software or anything else. Just visit and watch. Mostly, I can give my rating and comment to my favorite video also upload to share them.


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