04 November 2008

Weak Demand for iPhone in Japan

iPhone 3G
Sophistication of technology in every country or for every person could be different. It's not a measurement for the product to be the best seller product. When the first time I know 3G iPhone through it commercial on TV, I though this kind of technology would be sold madly in all over the world. But I was wrong! If I had enough money, I would have no doubt to buy it, but Japanese wouldn't do that!

According to MM Research Institute, selling number of 3G iPhone in Japan could only reach 200 thousands unit for the first two months and it had decreased from month to month.

After thingking and put my eyes on my Japanese colleagues, I have conclusion and understand the reason of why 3G iPhone selling unwell in their country. Everybody has a habbit, and so do Japanese. They used to take one finger to type the text, it's a hard thing to do with wide and touch screen on iPhone. Beside, iPhone doesn't support the common services that used to enjoy by them like using cellphone when doing the payment. Guess what? My opinion is correct, because The Wall Street Journal wrote the same thing!

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  1. I guess that's true for anyone. But good point! I don't like Iphone either! :) I'm such a Nokia lover! btw, I found u thru EC. Glad to be here!