07 August 2008

Internet Free Usage from Telkom Speedy

Yippi..!! Good news for the netter in Indonesia. According to the news on Telkom Speedy, Speedy serve the subscribers with a special promotion. You may access the internet as you wish start from 8.00 pm to 8.00 am without reducing your quota. This promotion is covering Jabodetabek & Purwakarta only for the next 6 months.

As a website developer, the access of internet is definitely being the most important thing which supporting my work. At this time the unlimited package is still too large to my budget, so I take the 50 hours time based package of Speedy. But sometimes, I have so many project to do, and this quota is seems not enough for the projects. As the consequence I have to pay more for the over quota.

With this promote from Speedy, I am so happy and feel that Speedy take the wise step up to beat the competitors! I can count on Speedy to be my partner in working at home. Thank you for your effort to serve the public. Go for it Speedy, keep on moving!


  1. Akhirnya ... bakalan "keurus" dong nih blog?

  2. Huehehe, mudah-mudahan sih begitu Tur. Tapi skr mah udah kaga ngarep lagi ama review, abis kejeblok ama google. Skr gw lagi nyiapin blog baru buat diary anak gw nanti, cieee...

    Btw elo tau blog anak2 SEIP ga Tur? Setau gw sih mereka pada main di FS..