08 August 2008

I Say No to Maxgain

Say No to MaxgainYesterday morning PT Maxgain called me by phone around 9.00 am. I was surprise, I mean, how do they know my number? I said to the caller that I've never applied job to any company including Maxgain because I love my recent job and have no plan to find another one. But she insisted me to take a note to write the date of interview and their office address. I said how can I write something when ridding a motorbike? Then she told me that she would recall me in the afternoon.

Right at 2 o'clock she called me (again). This time I hardly (but still polite) said to her I feel sorry but I refused her offer because I really don't want to move from my job. I don't want to come for nothing. It's better to ignore from the start. She said OK and finally hang up the phone.

Well, actually I've known this company and feel allergy to PT Maxgain International Futures. I've heard many negative news about this company from my friends and colleagues. I didn't think that they will call me also. Actually Maxgain is a legal company but they use wrong strategy to recruit their employees without transparency. Many people feel that Maxgain cheat on them because the job they need is different with what they're offered from the beginning. I heard that many applicant come from many places outside Jakarta. Can you imagine their sacrifice? How pity! How disappointed they are when they know that actually Maxgain want them only to be an investor? According to Maxgain Scam, Maxgain is a futures company in Indonesia which has office located at BEJ Building and has webpage at http://www.maxgain.co.id. This company sometimes doesn't use own company name when calling to recruit the employees. They often using other company name. That's why we can categorate their action as a job deception. To the applicants who don't want and never send application as marketing/ trader/ investor, please take a note for the following address:

There is some blogs which tell us more about Maxgain and Maxgain-like companies.


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