20 September 2008

Warn Against Cigarette

I got pictures message from a friend. First impression about these pictures was funny, eye-cathcy and strongly warn the smokers. These pictures were taken from famous cigarettes commercial brand icon and slogan that has been published everywhere.

Just take a look at these pic one by one and catch the moral messages!

1. With only 4.000 poison chemical in a cigarette, have all your effort to build your personal chemical factory.

Tanya Kenapa2. Don't worry, it's only tar, carbon monoxide and nicotine! You don't have to know about the other 200 more deadly things, ENJOY AJA (just enjoy it!)

Enjoy Aja3. Every year around 57.000 body stop smoking HERE successfully! Would you like to join?
Gak ada Loe gak rame


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