24 July 2007

Another Terror by Mr. Bean on Christmast Eve

Mr. Bean came, everything were all messed up

The Tambun Post, Bekasi 25/12/2006,

The odd tragedy that has not been happened for such a long time on Christmas eve, has just occured again. This fenomena is suspected as the act from two frickies who sudden visited DI Hotel. An Irate looked eyewitness mentioned:

"If I have ever seen them again, I swear I will hit their head with this!" said him as he rise up the mop stick.

"What makes me so mad was: they tried to bribed me with this silly fuckin thing…Oh, shit, that was very insulting! what a jerk!!! Add him by tearing up 5.000 Rupiahs money.

" That was the first time I saw their silly face, and I wish that will be the first also the last time they come to this place.

Meanwhile, the description got from Hotel’s Receptionist is different from the first eyewitness which known as Room Boy.

"From the visitor list, we can see that was the third time since they visit this place. The man who has moustache and bearded very similar to the terrorist on christmas eve, but his attitude is just like silly Mr. Bean…, while the other one is a tall woman, I bet on you that she must be Mrs. Bean". Said the receptionist.

Is the riot has any relation / in line with the bomb threat on chrismast eve a few years ago, the accurancy is still being investigated by the the police resort side.

Sepparately whereas this riot is confirmed to the hotel manager, he can only mentioned that the biggest loss was known when he found the empty water tank for operational hotel. That was the stock for the next 1 month…and empty in only one hours.

Wearing only towel with soap and shampoo still wet on their hair and body, the entire guests suddenly came to the management office and yealing:

"Where’s the water?!!!Give us waters!!!"

Thus, the manager adds: At all, he didn’t suspect to the guest in Room 17M who didn’t join the demonstration until they misteriously dissapear and swallowed by the latest night by leaving some evidence such: broken water crane, tooth brush, plastic bag, condo….tuuuut (sensor) on the toilet.

Ironic and so embarasing, wasn’t it?


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