10 August 2008

WordPress 2.6: How Amazing

After sometimes, I finally familiar again with WordPress when I make one blog for a family diary Anak Tersayang and Pakaian Murah. I made up my mind to use WordPress 2.6 for this blog. The excellent point of WordPress I've known since the first time was the simple of instalation process. WordPress has promised to facilitate us a very fast and simple instalation. The process will only take 5 minutes for maximum. This statement was announced since they launch WordPress 2.2, the last version of this CMS, and it is proven until now!

When you log into admin interface you'll find a new freshness. Dashboard is still decorated by
a widget which right now can be edited in appeared RSS link, title and item number. At the design themes menu, main power was the strong point of WordPress in appearing blog layout sample at the other themes that avalaible in real time.

Using thickbox efect from JQuery, we can activate the previewing themes by clicking the ACTIVATE “themesname” menu in the up right corner of windows or cancel it by clicking close (X) mark in down left corner.

There are some tips you can do after installation process for the hack performance on this WordPress 2.6 as below:
*If your WordPress blog is hosted on wordpress.com, please skip this.

  • Change the default image upload folder. Default wp installation will store all of your image inside wp-content/uploads folder and you can change to other place. This offer advantages; your image URLs become shorter and the size of your wp will always remain small and full manageable. You can set this setting on miscellaneous tab.
  • Remove the “generator code” from your wp header. This action to prevent the wp crackers hard to find the blog target which using the older and less secure versions of wp. To completely remove the version number from WordPress header, add this line to your functions.php file in the WordPress themes folder.

<?php remove_action('wp_head', 'wp_generator'); ?>

  • Prevent people from casually browsing your WordPress Folders. Since you definitely don’t want Peeping Toms to navigate your WordPress files and folders using the explorer view in web browsers, add the following link to your .htaccess file that exists in the main WordPress installation directory.

Options All -Indexes

  • Change location of the Plugins & WordPress Themes folder. With WordPress 2.6, you can place the wp-content folder anywhere on your web server. This may come handy when you are upgrading the WordPress installation because none of your existing themes and plug-ins will get overwritten even if you replace all the WordPress files with a tar downloaded from wordpress.org.

    If you decide to move the wp-content folder to another location, specify the path in the wp-config.php file:

define(’WP_CONTENT_DIR’, ‘http://www.yourblog.com/assets/wp-content’);

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