18 August 2008

Mozilla Introduce “SNOWL” for Firefox

Mozilla develops one new software in order to make search engine of firefox able to display all type of electronic message, for example from e-mail, RSS, IMS, Twitter, and even messages which coming from network social site like Facebook and and Myspace.

This software named Snowl 0.1. will help firefox user to be able in accessing all of receiving message without requiring other application. Appearance of Information or receiving message also can be altered according to necessity.

Temporarily, that first Snowl version can only be used to access the message of RSS or Atom feeds. Mozilla Foundation as the provider of the web search engine also bait to return to consumer in the form of question of whether snowl is useful.

They open the door by accepting suggestion about the way of Snowl can be used in accessing the message with more integrated. To use Snowl, consumer has to login in advance because this program still attempt. But you can pick it up for free of charge through Mozilla site.


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