29 August 2008

Home Sweet Home

home sweet homeSomeone who idealist will expect that the house they lived will always be an inspiration which not only can bear the success in live, but at the same time can give the freshen for themselves. For a dynamic and forward oriented person, a good house has to give a kind of fighting spirit in effort. A house also expected become a comfort place to take a rest, heal the weary, vanish the fatigue from daily routine, and develop their strength then at the same time give they heart in peace.

To reach a comfort and peaceful of life doesn’t mean we have to own a big and fancy house. Have you ever heard often about a rich family who has many houses in everywhere? All of their houses are big, fancy and of course expensive. The model even so dynamic and changeable, depend on the recent mode. First, country styled, and then become a Mediterranean. After, the model suddenly updated becomes a minimalist. The owner seems don’t want to under develop from a mode, they never seems to finish building their houses. Though, if they realize in reality their effort of houses can only enjoyed by their assistants and house maids. The owner even seldom stays in their house. They don’t know which house able to give them a comfort.

There is an idiom: “You can buy a house, but not a home.” With enough money you might buy a house as big or as fancy as you want. But, it doesn’t mean you buy a place to live peacefully. A place to live is an atmosphere that makes your heart in peace and harmony. The house expensively cheapness is so relative.

In consequence, make our life stay in a residence that giving freshens, peaceful and giving inspiration in life at the same time. No need too big, if only encumbering. All life will be enjoyed in simple atmosphere but bring us to feel warm. That's our house.

We offer you a middle size residence in Bekasi:
Land Size: 125m2 width
Building size: Two floors, 95 m2
Position: corner, easterly facing.
Bedroom: 2 rooms at the second floor, 1 room at the first floor.
Facility: a pavilion / suitable business room for doctor practice, cyber café, small office, etc.
Environment: peaceful and secure. Not located in a crowded main road but very strategic right behind the main road. Suitable place for business and comfortable house for live in.

This advertisement has published in Bahasa Indonesia. Please check this ad on my early post, House for Sale in Bekasi.

We open the price for Rp. 450.000.000 (negotiable).
Contact: Dendy Hendrias (+62) 0813 820 855 29


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