08 June 2008

New Challenge: Using ModX CMS in designing and developing website

MODx is an open source Content Management System and Application Framework. MODx provides a powerful framework on which to deploy and secure your website and web applications. For example, it gives you a true system for registered web users and groups that is separate from administration users. You can grant some web users access to one page and others access to another page. For content management, you can easily duplicate documents, folders (and all their children!), chunks and snippets. Most significant, though, is MODx's ability to empower you to quickly and easily create and maintain a rich and dynamic website like never before.

After trying out the entire opensource CMS and ever been used MODx, it was being my first project for MODx. From those experiences all I can say is: I see so many similiar things between MODx and Typo3 CMS structure which very excellent in user membership system. Fortunately for me, this project (which hasn't published yet) have strong point in membership system.

MODx choosen also based on framework flexibility system that will be developed, operational user friendly system (posting and editing news/ blog) supported by click and drag feature and elegant design which built by pure CSS for the mainly.

I hope this project would open the way to lead me in having more experiences and adding my capability for another opensource CMS systems.


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