15 July 2007

Submit the art of scetch by your favorite pic

Wanna have scetch from your favorite pic? Scratched by KONTE on A4 paper size (or any other size depend on your order) and framed by an artistic Frame. Don't be surprised coz it can be reached with your 100.000,- Rupiahs money (Hundred Thousand Rupiahs).

Please contact e-mail address: odaypele@gmail.com for order by attaching your color or B&W postcard (4R) completed with detail name and phone number. Length of process will be 7 (seven) days for 1 (one) pic.

Payment Detail:
50% Down payment when order, and remaining balance when finish. Please submit your payment to BCA:
Devi Andriani Wulansari
A/C No: 739 0233 480

1. Free of delivery charge for BEKASI & its surround area.
2. Delivery for other area will be delivered via Regular TIKI on charge.
3. Further info please contact Oday, HP: (021) 9862 5551.
4. Sketch sample (frameless) as showed below, click to enlarge the pic!


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