10 July 2007

My First Blog (Ikut-ikutan nge-blog)

Well, just like mostly Indonesian, I'll have been said "kuno, katro, ndeso"
(idioms popularized by Tukul) if I do something against the clock. Just as the last time when friendster was booming, I felt not that interest to join...even though for finally, my profile existency can be viewed in there after everybody ask me all the time (it's a little bit much of course)...But its not a big deal, let's make it as a stepping stone to keep in touch each other.

For a while i was confuse, what should I share in here.....none of the original idea i have, so I decided to lift up my daily life as the posting, hope it will be great and natural just like the water flows in a river....You can find "Wiro Sableng" (my favorite comics ever), MIS Troubleshooting from d'office (for the IT community let's share here, pleased to invite you here!), web design/development, or even junkie gossip just like d' infotainment, hehehe.

Well hey me, welcome to my self and join my self (narcis me, huh?) Blog blog blog....


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